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Amazonian Innovation

It all started on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2008 with three friends who had the powerful feeling that they could do more good in the world and the ambition to do just that. From then on, the three have turned their once crazy dreams into a reality: AmaVico and the entire InViCo Worldwide family.

AmaVico is an acronym for Amazonian Visionary Company, stemming from our overarching brand InViCo, Ingredient Visionary Company. Bringing novel ingredients to market through proprietary technologies and small farming relationships is what we do. Striving to lower our environmental impact, we focus on sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint, agroforestry and intercropping practices, and zero waste commitments. We also work on an exclusive basis with farms to ensure a mutually rewarding relationship and that they, their families, communities, and new generations may integrate into the global economy.

We’ve expanded and grown since our days on the beaches of Rio. We now offer worldwide distribution for our customers, which range from large CPG companies to entrepreneurs. We take pride in providing reliable and high quality products with our seal of excellence!


Unique food ingredients made with proprietary technologies. Brought to you from the most fruitful place on earth.

The Amazon

Acai Powder | Acai Juice | Acerola Powder | Maca Powder

Organic, Fair Trade, Non GMO, Sustainable

giving back

to farmers and the rainforest

We value the farmers who harvest our Amazonian fruit products and the land on which our fruits grow just as much as we value the quality of our products. It is our mission to ensure that mutually rewarding trade exists with our small to mid-size farmers, and that their families, villages, and new generations share in the worldwide growth of the Amazonian fruit industry. We support their efforts by paying them more than fair prices for their products, and we have implemented socioeconomic programs to help educate villagers in giving back to their own communities. Additionally, we are constantly working to practice the most sustainable harvesting and manufacturing processes as possible in order to preserve and respect the Amazon rainforest. Quality Amazonian products come with equal happiness, from rainforest to farmer, to village, to producer!

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