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Superfruit Spotlight: Açaí

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Whether in the form of an açaí bowl, in a debate over the pronunciation of açaí (which, for the record, is Ah-Sah-EE!) or in an article discussing superfruits, chances are you’ve come across this Amazonian berry at some point. Açaí has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and has transitioned from an exotic fruit to an incredibly on-trend ingredient. As a delicious option with many health benefits, Açaí is definitely deserving of its popularity. At Amavico, we use the highest quality açaí berries in our products so that you can experience the best of this superfruit from our customers. Here is what you need to know about the nutrition and benefits of açaí, why Amavico açaí products are the finest in the market and how we got them to be that way.  

What Is Açaí?

Açaí berries are the fruit of the açaí palm tree, native to the regions of the Amazon jungle, particularly Brazil. It is a food trend that started a decade ago, but has recently seen a quick rise in demand. Americans are becoming aware of the health benefits that açaí provides, and açaí bowls have become the best-selling delivery method of the fruit. At Amavico, we use the highest quality acai berries to produce our açaí products, which are dark purple in color and have no bitter notes as commonly seen in the industry.

A delicious looking acai bowl

Is Açaí Good For you?

Yes! Açaí isn’t labeled a “superfruit” for nothing. These Amazonian berries contain high antioxidant levels from anthocyanins and polyphenols of any food product in the world, as well as a high levels of Omegas 6 and 9. This superfruit has a high fat content of >45% and low sugar, making it the perfect ingredient for a Keto diet.

What Can Açaí Be Used In?

This versatile fruit is a perfect addition to many types of formulations, including but not limited to confectionary, juices and cocktails, açaí bowls, sweet and savory sauces, and soft serve. 

Amavico Açaí Products


Our powder is made by freeze drying the pulp of the highest quality açaí berries with no added ingredients. Our powdered açaí disperses nicely in water and is not hygroscopic compared to other açaí powders that turn “rock” like. Additionally, the powder form of our açaí possesses benefits not found in the liquid form such as dry storage, a longer shelf life, a light, freight saving weight and no required thawing, making our powders manufacturing friendly. 


Our açaí juice is made from the same high quality berries harvested from the heart of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest that produce our açaí powder. Our açaí juice is a delicious option for hydration and is the perfect addition to bowls, juices, smoothies, cocktails, desserts and more.

Our Certifications

Both the powder and liquid forms of our açaí are vegan, sugar-free, GMO free, USDA certified organic, and certified HACCP.

Our Facility and Supply Chain

Located in the region that produces the highest quality açaí berry in the Amazon, our products are processed within hours of harvest, thus ensuring minimal oxidation and high levels of anthocyanins. Our Brazilian facility has state of the art production equipment and produces our ingredients with the highest standards of quality and safety. 

baskets of just-harvested acai berries

Social Responsibility

Our mission is to provide the world with the most ethically sourced Amazonian products, with minimal impact on the earth, and maximum benefit to local communities. This is why we partner with local, isolated communities to help them realize the potential of their homeland and how to enter in a sustainable, global economy. We also make it a priority to ensure that mutually rewarding trade exists with our farmers and that their families, villages, and new generations share in the worldwide growth of the Amazonian fruit industry. We support their efforts by paying them more than fair prices for their products, and we have implemented socioeconomic programs to help educate villagers in giving back to their own communities. 


The açaí palm tree is naturally growing and does not require any fertilizer or pesticides that may harm the land. Açaí trees help counter the effects of climate change by sequestering carbon dioxide, and we work with our local farms to promote agroforestry methods such as intercropping to create a symbiotic relationship where all plants thrive, resulting in organic fertilization of our açaí palms, more diverse crops and a more productive use of the land. We are constantly working to practice the most sustainable harvesting and manufacturing processes as possible in order to preserve and respect the Amazon rainforest. Although the liquid forms of these superfruits are also a great source of valuable nutrients and a delicious option for hydration, which is why we continue to offer our açaí liquid, they are usually processed and shipped long distances overseas. This adds to carbon emissions in the air that are harming our environment. Amavico powders helps to reduce the carbon footprint by removing unnecessary water in Amazonian fruit products before they are shipped around the globe.

We love our Açaí products, and think you will too! View our Products for more information about our Açaí powder and liquid, as well as our equally delicious Acerola Powder. To place an order, visit our Website, scroll to the bottom, and fill out the short form titled “Are You Ready?” A sales representative will contact you shortly! 

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